MODOMEC S.R.L. was established on 1993

Modomec S.r.l. was established on 1993 and over the years has gained significant experience and qualification in the complex field of the plant design industry. Its main activities involved the Steel Metallurgical and Petrochemical plant, the Energy production and the Aeronautical Engineering. The willing to expand and to improve the production cycle, in terms of production capacity, time consuming and product quality, has determined the need to make new investments in order to increase and to renew the high technology machines that embed the CNC (computer numerical control) software. Modomec S.r.l. increased the number of quality certifications, invested in its engineers, throughout trainings, new software purchase and by signing agreements with International Organizations. Company extended its market coverage in Italy and also abroad, making sure in this way all customer needs are met. The willing to offer up to date services, that are able to compete in the complex globalization context, it is managed and supported by an experienced and qualified technical crew that supervises all the production cycle ( Engineering, Manufacture, Shipment, Assistance).

Main products

» Basic and Detailed Engineering
» Steel Structure
» CNC Tool-Machines
» Industrial Sheds
» Low medium and High-pressure Piping Systems of
   Stainless Steel
   Alloy and Low Alloy Steel
» Pressure vessels and Equipment (Reactor, Stripping Column, Condenser)
» Heat Exchangers
» Stacks and Ducts
» Industrial Furnaces
» Scrubber Coolers
» Air Coolers
» Precision Machine Works
» Mechanical Assembling of Industrial Plants
» Routine and Overtime Maintenance of Industrial Plants